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As a teacher, I am on my feet for a good portion of the day. At the end of the day, the balls of my feet felt as though I was walking on shards of hot glass. After a few Laser treatments, the sensation started to subside and my feet became much more comfortable to walk on. The pain lessens with each treatment. I am happy to say that I even walked nine holes of golf for the first time in a year

-Shirley C.

I am writing to thank you for your help over the recent months with my toe infection. I am so pleased with the results and the overall experience. It was relatively painless and there was no down-time or recovery time! Every appointment offered me significant improvement. The laser treatments were the safest and easiest medical choice for me and I am so glad I did not have to undergo surgery.

-Sharon G.

I want to thank Doctor Fosdick for the pain relief I am having. My feet feel much better. I also want to thank his staff for following up with the insurance company and getting them to pay partially for my orthotics as they initially said they would.

-Paul V.


Foot and Ankle Problems We Treat

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Foot Examination At Affiliated Foot Care, we are here to help you feel your best. We are determined to use the latest technologies and therapies to ease your pain, to care for you and to allow you to live a healthy and productive life.

From installation of a sinus tarsi implant for hyperpronation to a revolutionary technique that harvests your platlets, new non-surgical alternatives like high-power laser therapy, Dr. Fosdick will get you the treatment you need to enable you to feel better.

New patients are always welcome and are invited to call and make an appointment, fill out our new client form, and tell Dr. Fosdick what hurts, why it hurts and when it hurts.

We will get to the bottom of your problem and will work with you to find the solution and proper treatment.

What we treat
Achilles Tendonitis Ingrown Toenails
Ankle Sprain Mallet Toes
Arch Pain / Arch Strain Metatarsalgia
Arthritis Morton's Neuroma
Athlete's Foot Morton's Toe
Bunions (Bunionettes) Neuropathy
Calluses Onychomycosis
Claw Toes Overlapping Toes
Corns Over-Pronation
Diabetic Foot Care Plantar Fasciitis
Flat Feet Plantar Warts
Foot Ulcerations Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
Foot Odor Pregnancy & Your Feet
Fungal Toenails Sesamoiditis
Ganglion Cyst Taylor / Hallux Rigidus
Haglund's Deformity  
Hallux Valgus Prescribed
Orthopedic Appliances
Hammer Toes
Heel Pain Orthotics
Heel Spurs Foot Orthotics
High Arched Feet / Pes Cavus Sport Orthotics

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