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burning and stabbing pain is not normal.

The nerves of the foot

Morton's Neuroma Facts

Morton's Neuroma is characterised by pain and/or numbness, sometimes relieved by removing your shoes. Most don't consider this a true tumor but rather a perineural fibroma (fibrous tissue formation around nerve tissue).

It's characterized by pain when you put your weight on your foot, frequently after only a few minutes. The symptoms may be discomfort or shooting or stabbing pain. Morton's neuroma lesions have been found using MRI in patients without symptoms, so sometimes there is no pain.

Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma (also known as Morton's metatarsalgia, Morton's neuralgia, plantar neuroma and intermetatarsal neuroma) is a benign fibrous tissue formation of an intermetatarsal plantar nerve, most commonly of the third and fourth intermetatarsal spaces.

This problem is characterised by numbness and pain, relieved by taking your shoes off.

Symptoms include: pain when you walk or stand, frequently after only a short time; the pain is a shooting pain affecting the contiguous halves of two toes. You may also experience a burning or numbness usually you will feel this between your 3rd and 4th toes, though it may affect any two toes.


Treatment of Morton's Neuroma

We can pad and tape your feet to take the weight away from the neuroma, as well as prescribe orthotics and arch supports if you have flat feet. We can also inject anesthetic and cortical steroids to relieve the pain. Early treatment of a neuroma is important in preventing the progressing of the scarring of the nerve.

If the neuroma is severe, we can use minimally-invasive surgery in our office that will get you back on your feet the same day. If you suffer from this problem, we will assist you to get your feet healthy again.

Your feet should be pain free.

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